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What They Said

Why listen to me? Here are a few people I have worked with who swear I know what I am talking about...

Mark A. Regis
Learning & Development | Teaching/Training Facilitator | Full-Cycle Recruitment | Process Design | MBA

Kate is quite possibly my most favorite colleague that I have ever worked with. She was able to seamlessly transition from the world of recruiting into the world of Career Coaching at GA and that is no small task. Career Coaching requires not only a great deal of market/recruiting experience but also the abilities to listen, teach, coach and inspire - all at the same time! Kate is the kind of colleague who will do whatever she can to make sure that the team is succeeding and feeling supported, while also managing to excel at her own tasks. 

As your Career/Job Coach, you'll want to work with Kate Rogers because she genuinely cares about you and your Outcome. She isn't worried about "saying yes" to everything but instead, will push you to be better and achieve great things, even if it means being honest and saying "no." 

I highly recommend Kate for any/every opportunity in the future and I would gladly work with her again! 

Andrew Kumar
Student Outcomes @ General Assembly

Kate is as amazing career coach! She's able to demystify the oftentimes confusing world of job searching(especially in Los Angeles). As a teammate, Kate is extremely helpful, caring, and she's always smiling. GO KATE!

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