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I start with a call or meeting so you and I can sit down and hash out where you need help and we'll craft a plan for you. Under What I Can Do For You, you'll find my most popular services and fees but I know everyone's situation and experience are unique and I'll never force you into a box. 


A natural connector and a born nurturer, as a Career Coach and Recruiter, I've found my calling helping others craft the tools they need to grow their careers in or transition into the creative and tech scene. With almost a decade of recruiting experience behind me, I use the skills I’ve gained positioning talent for my clients to guide others to successfully launch or pivot their careers in tech. 

Most recently, as a Career Coach at General Assembly, I worked with students in the classroom, after graduation and one on one to help them develop and hone the materials and skills they need to find, interview for, negotiate and land that next step in their career. Having been a recruiter and then a baker and then a recruiter again, gives me real perspective on what career changers face in the market and real insight into how to overcome the obstacles. I thrive on helping other achieve their goals, whether it is negotiating countless full-time and project placements, partnering with a grad to launch a networking group or working with students who have special struggles in the job market. I live to push others to answer their big questions and then craft the strategy to get them where they want to go next. 

As a private Career Coach I bring all my experiences to bear from working with C level talent to new grads and career changers to reach you the skills you need to grow and nurture your career and get you into the job or field that seems just out of reach.

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